Hi my name is Rocky Bhattel and I am the founder and director of Superstar Comps ltd which was founded in early 2020.

We maybe the new kids on the block however I’ve been an obsessive petrolhead for many years and I know a thing or two about cars. I am one of the founding members of the GTR Cartel car club. My small claim to fame is that just recently I set the fastest speed ever for a road production car at a V-max event of 240mph.

You can follow me on my personal Instagram on @Rockybhattel and you can also find me on FB.

Please bear with us. Although we are the new kids on the block, we are very active across many car groups and we will try our best to sell out as quickly as possible. In the event that we are unable to sell all of the tickets in the allocated time period we do reserve the right to extend that time period twice. If we are still unable to sell all of the tickets, then we may still draw the prize early if possible or change the main prize to 70% of the total raised in ticket sales for that competition.

Once the draw is closed we will post a list of all entries on our website before the live draw takes place. The live draw will take place on our Facebook page, Superstarcomps –  so please make sure you subscribe to that. If you do not have an account on FB as we will post all of our live draws on to our website within 24hrs of them taking place. We will be using the google random number generator to pick out the winning number for each competition.

The winning customer will need to come and pick up the prize if it is a car. We are based in West London right by Heathrow airport.



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  • Updates on Live draws
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